UX21 Hydraulic Lift Assist Bike Rack

The patented UX21 Two-Tier Bike Rack is unlike any bike rack on the market. The unit is one of the highest density parking solutions on the market. The UX21 is meeting the demands of a world where there are more cyclists than ever!

For indoor and outdoor long-term parking, the UX21’s innovative and space-saving design is perfect for bike rooms, multi-family housing, universities, or anywhere you need to max parking efficiency. Compared to traditional two-tiered bike racks, the UX21 offers unique features that provide a more rider-friendly experience. No other bike rack can compare!

Without a rack system in place, bikes pile up in a disorganized mess. Bikes are locked to each other, damage each other, and leave little room for an aisle space – presenting a hazardous and frustrating environment for you and cyclists alike.

Providing a rack system for high-traffic areas is imperative to address these problems. 

The UX21 Two-Tiered Bike Rack creates an organized, secure, and easy-to-use parking area. 

The UX21 requires no lifting of the bike, making it ideal to accommodate multiple rider demographics that find heavy-lifting difficult.

Watch the video and see for yourself why the UX21 is changing the way we think about bicycle parking!