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XR2 Land Rack

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K2 Vertical Bike Rack

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XR2 Land Rack SKU: XR2

  • Product Features:

   TEC72 Thermo Finish

   Elevated Wheel Troughs

   Locking Loops

  • Spacing:

   32″- 38″Center to Center

   38″-44″ Diagnol

  • Front Wall Set Back:

   24″ center to back wall

  • Side Wall:

   24″ wheel trough to side wall

K2 Vertical Bike Rack SKU: K2

  • Product Features:

   TEC72 Thermo Finish

   Ultra High Density Stagger

   Solid Steel Locking Bar

  • Spacing:

    28″- 31″Center to center

  • Ground to Rack Base:

    42″ Center to back wall

  • Ceiling Height: 

   92″ Requirement

  • Side Wall:

   20- 24″ Wall to center of bike.

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